World Largest Indoor Water Park: Seagaia Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan

Look At the Size of The DOME!!!

Indoor Beach

Nowadays the weather is getting hotter and hotter already. Especially during summer in Japan. You wouldn't want to stay in Japan during the summer break. The hot will burn your skin off. But thanks to ultra super advance technology that Japan has, they have build a massive indoor water park called Ocean Dome measuring 300m in length and 100 meters in width.

Just look at the giant size of the dome and the amount of people it can hold inside. Japan uses its advance technology to create flame splitting volcano, high technology wave machinery and crush marble sand. The sad part about the sad however is that its not real sand brought from the beach but its an alternative sand that resembles the real one. This type of sand doesn't stick to the body as much as the real sand does.

Another special thing about this dome is the retractable roof. On sunny days, the roof will be open but on less sunny days, its close. But even if its close, the ceiling will provide you with a perfect blue sky and the temperature inside the dome is always kept at hot but not too hot 30 Celsius and the water temperature at 28 Celsius. So do not worry when it comes to summer in Japan because there is always a destination for you that you can enjoy yourself.


  1. indoor park...nice...

  2. a nice place to cool up yourself such a hot weather nowadays..

  3. Is this actually bigger then "Tropical Island" @ Germany ?
    Height is lower anyway !
    This facility might be longer ......




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