Water World Water Park : Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Located in Ayia Napa, Cyprus is the biggest theme water park in Europe with a great variety of slides and places for you to get yourself wet. Following the beliefs of the people in Europe regarding ancient Greek civilization, the theme park's theme is called Ancient Greece. Most of the rides and attractions in water world is name after ancient god such as The Quest Of Heracles, Poseidon's Wave Pool, Minotaur's Labyrinth and Aphrodite's Bath.

The Quest Of Heracles

Drop To Atlantis

Currently there are more then 18 attractions in the park and we are sure to expect more slides and other attractions coming up in the near future Some major attractions are: Aeolos Whirlpool, Calypso, Zephyr's Breeze, Drop To Atlantis, The Fall Of Icarus, The Quest Of Heracles, Kamikaze Slides, Aphrodite's Bath, Poseidon's Wave Pool, Trojan Adventure, Pegasus Pool, River Odyssey, Atlantis Activity Pool, Chariot Chase, Apollo's Plunge, Phaeton's Flume, Serpentine Slides and Minotaur's Labyrinth.

Chariot Chase

Kamikaze Slide

This unique water park will definitely bring joy, fun and thrill for anyone that likes water because wherever you go, water will always follow you and not to mention the famous Dionysos Temple restaurant (a self service restaurant) with all the delicious ancient Greece food. Dionysos the God of Food and Wine welcomes visitors to his temple where he can serve thousands of visitors with a variety of tasty dishes fit for gods.


  1. Sophiaa & KatiaaaApril 20, 2010 at 1:49 AM

    Reaaaly good placee, propaa enjoyedd it
    be back sooon!
    Comment pleasee Blad

  2. Kids would really have fun if you take them there. We've got to visit this water park during luxury cyprus holidays.

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