Changzhou Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park

The Changzhou Dinosaur Park is a huge dino-themed amusement park in the city of Changzhou. The theme park has Six-Flags-type large-scale amusement rides, entertainment shows, a water park (July/August), playgrounds, a dinosaur museum and of course, scale replicas of dinosaurs.
Something fun for everyone in the family regardless of age. Older adults who have trouble walking can rent a scooter. The feeling were as close as it comes to hanging out with real dinosaurs. A good place that i recommend to visit if you happen to plan your trip to Changzhou, China.

Water park open in July and August make going in summer months bearable.

Reaching much further back in history than the rest of Jiangsu's sights, the Changzhou Dinosaur Park is a fun introduction to the science and natural history of dinosaurs. It's a combination of exhibits on dinosaurs and amusement park style rides and games.

The dinosaur theme continues throughout the park - its roller coasters and other fairground attractions all use dinosaur motives so that the person that goes onto the ride can feel the thrill of riding the real dinosaur.

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