Top 10 Amusement and Theme Park in the World

Life in the reality world has never been so easy. So many commitment and things that we have to do everyday in order to stay alive. There are so many ways that we can use to keep our body and soul relax and one of it is none other then travelling. Planning a travel is as easy as ABC but however you have to find time searching for relevant informations before you fly.

There are so many places in the world that you can visit but if you have kids around or are adults searching for thrill and excitement, then i would recommend you Theme Parks or Amusement Parks. Generally in the eye of the public both looks the same but people like to call them Theme Park. Theme Parks offer an unforgettable trips for todays family and friends but how on earth do you chose which one to visit? There are an array of choices for Theme Park out there and each offers special and different experience such as water parks, life encounter with animals, or with Disney characters, or even Lego land itself and some of the amazing rides. Here are 10 of the most highly rated Theme Parks according to polls from several well known websites and blogs.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Lancashire, United Kingdom
Favorite Attractions : Pepsi Max Big One/ Grand National

Europa Park
Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany
Favorite Attraction: Silver Star

Alton Towers
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Favorite Attraction: Nemesis/Oblivion

Pennsylvania, United States
Favorite Attraction: Twister/Phoenix

Cedar Point
Ohio, United States
Favorite Attraction: Millennium Force/Top Thrill Dragster

Islands Of Adventure
Florida, United States
Favorite Attraction: Incredible Hulk/Dueling Dragons

Holiday World
Indiana, United States
Favorite Attraction: Raven/Legend

Six Flags Magic Mountain
California, United States
Favorite Attraction: X2/Deja Vu

Tarragona, Spain
Favorite Attraction: Dragon Khan

Busch Gardens Europe
Virginia, United States
Favorite Attraction: Apollo Chariot/Alpengeist

There are still many more parks that i have not mention but the ones i listed were among the top in the world. However, for children and families, most of them still rate Disneyworld as their top Theme Park destination. Below is one of the many Disneyworld around the world. Remember, always choose your travel destinations carefully and plan ahead so that so that unnecessary problems can be avoided.

Anaheim, California

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