Hong Kong Disneyland : The Haunted Experience

Disney have done a good job here trying to pull in more visitors by having this event. Its a special event for Disney every year and they come up with pretty good themes here. Visitors can have a frightfully fun time with all the ghost that roams the streets, alien invasions and many more at Disney's Haunted Halloween in Hong Kong. According to Disney, the dark forces have return leading to series of mysterious happening such as the ghostly souls that lurks the Main Street of Haunted Hotel and those explorers that went into Demon Jungle have been missing ever since. Not to forget that at Tomorrowland, Aliens begin their ultimate plan to invade earth. Will you survive the thrilling episode of the Haunted Halloween? Be sure to check it out at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Number of attractions in Haunted Halloween:
demon jungle, main street haunted hotel, glow in the park parade, alien invasion, space mountain ghost galaxy, scary photo fun, haunted meet and greet, frightful feast, spooky souvenirs, halloween treats.

The duration of the whole period is from 18th September until 31 October 2009. I am sure that this will be a lifetime experience that one will never forget. Judging from the video that Disney create above, i can see that the whole new agenda within the walls of Disney will be a much anticipated event that everyone is looking forwards. So what are you waiting for? Visit Hong Kong Disneyland now. Speaking so much about it, i happen to fall for Disney myself. Wonder when will i have the opportunity to go there. Was so busy lately with all the assignments and stuff. Anyway do drop us comments about this and tells us your stories after you visited the Haunted Halloween.

Have fun visiting the ghost and aliens there. Make sure you all don't get eaten by them. Have a nice day.


  1. i have go hong kong b4 but tat time haven't gt disneyland yet...im attract by The Haunted Experience...
    HK oso gt another famous theme park,ocean park.there r a nice theme park u can recommend.
    The most popular place which is Ocean Theatre in the park.u can see the seal to present with the people point.u can have a good time in there.It is worth place 4 us to travel...

  2. yup agree.. its really interesting at ocean park but i think disneyland is much more better.. n the new halloween theme sure attracted lots of visitors..




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