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Have you guys wonder whats really the difference between an Amusement Park and a Theme Park? Different website gave you different answer and all of them are correct. It actually depends on how you perceived and interpret the meaning. I have gather information from several websites and here is my own interpretation on the differences. An Amusement Park is a park that operate on just the rides itself while a Theme Park is a place where the park itself, tells the story or shows a certain theme.

Cedar Fair Park (Amusement Park)

Amusement Park's main focus is just about amusement and how to thrills the passengers that rides it. It does not tell any story about that particular ride unlike the Theme Park. Rides on an Amusement park does not tailor to everyone but in the other hand only for specific ages. Some rides are not suitable for older people and some are not for the younger generations. In other words, amusement is just about the rides and nothing else. You go in and you enjoy the ride and get thrilled.

However, there are lots of
Amusement Park that called themselves Theme Park such as the Cedar Fair Park. But in most of the forums and websites that i found, they all agree on 1 thing, that Cedar Fair Park is an Amusement Park instead of Theme Park because it does not have a theme. Above are example of Cedar Fair Park.

Kobe Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland

A Theme Park in the other hand tells a story of how that particular theme evolve. Every single ride and attractions are build around the park together with that theme. The story that each Theme Park provide should fully immerse you into the environment it creates within the whole that totally has no connection to the outside world. The best example here is Disneyland. There are lots of Disneyland all around the whole and we will discuss further about each Disneyland in our future post.

Disneyland is a Theme Park and every ride and attractions in it carries a certain theme itself. Each park and land has its own story and you will be brought to a whole new level of experience where the story starts the moment you step into the ride. One thing special about Disney is that once you get inside it, you wont be able to look at the outside world. This totally makes you forget about the problems outside and only focus on 1 thing, the experience within the walls.

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